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The Cats Cookie | 100g


Crispy cookie that captivates cats’ taste buds. A bite-sized snack that contains a lot of nutrients for cats. It is rich in amino acids that help boost immunity.

Applause Cat Bread | 140g


A nutritious snack for pets that contains fresh ingredients. Rich in essential amino acids, it helps relieve stress in pets by promoting the activity of brain nerve transmitters. It also...

Thanks Whole Meal Cat Treat Mackerel | 40g


It is a nutritional supplement for pets that strengthens immunity while improving appetite (palatability). 

FD Treats Chicken | 90g


‘F Diet’, a natural snack presented by Healing Time, a leader in healthy food. It is an eco-friendly, natural snack made for pets using only fresh, carefully selected parts and...

Striped Mackerel Treat | 50g


A 100% domestically produced mackerel pet treat that is best kept sealed and frozen to preserve its freshness.

Pollack Treat | 180g


100% pure pollack meat treat that is made using a low-temperature drying method to preserve the taste and nutrition.

Catsrang YummeYumme | 60g


A fantastic combination between the deep sea taste of tuna and fresh chicken! It contains a lot of nutritional ingredients, like: Taurine and multivitamins, which help boost the immune system...

Ciao Tuna 14g x 40 Multipack | 560g


Contains green tea extract to suppress the odor of cat urine and feces. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so you don't miss out on your cat's health!...

Pollack Cube | 85g


An all-natural cat treat that is 100% high in protein, low-sodium, and freeze-dried.

Mixpop lamb | 70g


It is a preservative-free, colorant-free, and additive-free snack that is good for strengthening stamina and effective for anemia. It contains lamb, glucosamine, and multivitamins.

Crunchy Chicken Chip | 80g


A grain-free snack that helps minimize pet diseases. Its texture is perfect for tartar removal and stress relief for dogs.

Angel Ring | 15g


A high-protein pet snack made from turkey, beef tendon, and chicken.