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Ottogi Worcester Sauce | 415g


Aged beautifully to bring out a deep-flavoured, rich aroma, Ottogi’s Worcester Sauce is perfect for flavouring food and drinks, making a great substitute for soy sauce. Made from a combination...

Guk Gan Jang (Soy Sauce for Soup) | 930mL


Korean Soy Sauce for Soup (Kuk Gan Jang or Guk Gan Jang) - this is the traditional soy sauce used in Korean cooking which, as its name suggests is typically...

Guk Gan Jang (Soy Sauce for Soup) | 1.8L


Jin Gang Jang is darker and less salty than Kuk Gan Jang and is similar to Japanese soy sauce. Use for making jorim, bulgogi marinades, stir-fries, grilled dishes, and for...

DD Ttuleban Caramel Sauce | 160ml


A thick and smooth mixture produced to be served as a sweet topping or ingredient for other foods. Most often used for desserts, caramel sauce is added to cookies, bars,...

Sogogi Dasida (Beef Soup Stock) | 300g Daebak Summer Sale 50% off


Dashida beef bouillon brings great flavors to your soups, stews, rice, vegetables and noodles. Just add 1 teaspoon (4~6g) for 3 cups of water. It is made with shank broth...