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바이타밀스 벤토 - B


일치킨 데리야끼 볶음밥 일맛치킨 일반찬

바이타밀 라이트


맛닭 1개  야채(당근, 브로콜리, 버섯) 구운 고구마

Soymilk | 190ml


Sahmyook Soy Milk Drink Plain 190ml, No Cholesterol, the health soya Drink from Korea

바이타밀스 벤토 - C


일선택볶음밥 일맛치킨 이sidedish

Sajo Shake Popcorn Cheese | 72g


Discover the authentic flavors of Korea with Sajo Shake Popcorn Cheese 72g. This delightful snack embodies the essence of traditional Korean culinary expertise, offering a perfect balance of crispiness and...

Kicker Bar Choco | 30g


Discover the indulgent delight of the Kicker Bar Choco 30g, hailed as South Korea's finest chocolate bar. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite treat blends creamy milk chocolate...

사조 팝콘 카라멜 / 80g


로하이 팝콘은 한국 전통의 맛을 그대로 재현한 바삭하고 달콤한 버터의 달콤하고 기름진 맛이 어우러진 제품입니다. 한국식 사조팝콘을 청량음료, 커피, 차와 함께 드시면 편안함과 휴식의 순간을 선사합니다.

Sajo Fillet Tuna | 250g


Experience the premium quality and nutritional benefits of Sajo Fillet Tuna 250g, meticulously selected to bring you the finest tuna fillets packed with healthful goodness. Tuna is renowned for being...

Spam Kimbap (Available in 3 Variants)


A delightful seaweed-wrapped rice roll that combines the best of Korean flavors. Served in Half, Whole or Jumbo variants, each slice features a harmonious blend of ingredients: Cucumber: Crisp and refreshing,...

Tuna Kimbap (Available in 3 variants)


Embark on a flavor-packed journey with a roll of our authentic Tuna kimbap, available in Half, Whole and Jumbo variants. Each delectable slice features a harmonious blend of ingredients: Cucumber: Crisp...

Spicy Pork Bulgogi Cupbap


Spicy Pork Bulgogi Cupbap: Experience the bold flavors of Korea in a convenient cup! Our Cupbap features tender, marinated spicy pork bulgogi served over a bed of steamed rice. Here’s...