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CheilJedang Creeat Korean Meatball | 1kg

CheilJedang Creeat Korean Meatball | 1kg

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**This is a frozen food and can only be delivered within Metro Manila. We will use 3rd party delivery apps (Lalamove) to delivery frozen food items. No return or refund of this product.**

In Korea, meatballs are called gogi wanja (고기완자) and used in soups or hotpots, egg-battered and pan-fried (wanjajeon, 완자전), or braised in a sauce (wanja jorim, 완자조림). It is tender, moist and packed with lots of flavors! They are child-friendly, great as cocktail meatballs for your holiday parties, or simply as a side or a main dish for any meal. In Korea, the meatballs are highly popular as a lunch box item.

Enjoy it with rice, or sandwich for a balanced meal.

How to cook?
1. Meatball Skewer
✔ Put lightly blanched paprika, broccoli, and mushrooms on stick alternatively with the meatballs.
✔ Sprinkle seasoning on the grill to cook until it becomes brown.

2. Egg Meatball
✔ Beat an egg in a bowl.
✔ In another bowl, prepare the breading.
✔ Dip the thawed meatball in the egg, then on the breading.
✔ Grease the frying pan, then fry the meatballs.