Frozen Foods and COD are available for Metro Manila ONLY.

CheilJedang Bibigo Gourmet Potato Cheese Corndog | 400g

CheilJedang Bibigo Gourmet Potato Cheese Corndog | 400g

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**This is a frozen food and can only be delivered within Metro Manila. We will use 3rd party delivery apps (Lalamove) to delivery frozen food items. No return or refund of this product.**

A unique kind of corn dog with crispy and savory big cube potato. It is filled with delicious mozzarella cheese where you can have fun stretching while eating. Best with Air fry to cook at home.

How to cook with a microwave oven?
It's better if you remove the packaging completely and put the hot dog on a plate. Even if the product is cold, you can cook it according to the time indicated:

  • 700/800W (1pc/1 min 20 sec, 2-3pcs/ 2 min 30 sec)
  • 1000W (1pc/1 min 10 sec, 2pcs/1 min 50 sec)

How to cook with an air fryer?

  1. Set the air fryer to approximately 160 degrees and warm up.
  2. Place 1 or 2 unfrozen hot dogs without overlapping and cook for about 12 to 13 minutes before taking them out when it’s color becomes golden brown.
  3. Air fryer recommended time: 1pc/12 minutes, 2pcs/13 minutes