Frozen Foods and COD are available for Metro Manila ONLY.

Bibigo Handmade Meat Dumplings | 400g

Bibigo Handmade Meat Dumplings | 400g

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**This is a frozen food and can only be delivered within Metro Manila. We will use 3rd party delivery apps (Lalamove) to delivery frozen food items. No return or refund of this product.**
Specially handmade dumplings, with Chunks of fresh pork, tofu, onions, and other ingredients are bound in a thin and chewy skin for the most texture possible.

Content per pack: 6 pieces

How to cook?
1. Stewed Bone Dish
✔️ Add an adequate amount of broth and boil.
✔️ Add premium dumplings to the boiling broth.
✔️ After it boils for 10 minutes, add your preferred vegetables

2. Dumpling Soup
✔️ Add broth to a pot and boil
✔️ Add frozen dumplings and boil for 5 minutes and 30 seconds
✔️ (Optional) Add rice cake, eggs, and green onion

Contains pork, wheat, soy and eggs

Full list of ingredients:
Pork [domestic, foreign (USA, Canada, Spain, etc.)], Wheat flour (wheat: Australia, US), Cabbage (domestic), Green onion, Vermicelli, Leek, Garlic, Legumes, Egg white liquid, Sesame oil, Mixed preparation ( Modified starch, wheat gluten, maltodextrin, flour), Sugar, Refined salt, Sesame leaf, Flavor enhancer, Processed grain products, Perilla powder, Modified starch, Pepper powder, Soybean oil, Raw soybean powder